Nieuw-Lekkerland (Dutch pronunciation: [niu̯ ˈlɛkərˌlɑnt] (listen)) is a town and former municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. It is situated on the southern shores of the Lek River, in the north-western part of the Alblasserwaard. The former municipality covered an area of 12.77 km² (of which 2.37 km² was covered by water). Since 2013 Nieuw-Lekkerland had been a part of the new municipality of Molenwaard (ceased to exist in 2019).

The former municipality included the population centres of Nieuw-Lekkerland (divided into the two neighbourhoods Dorpslaan and Middelweg) and Kinderdijk.

The town's name evolved slightly over time: in 1280 Leckerlant, in 1331 Niewe Leckerland, and in 1903 Nieuw Lekkerland. It means "land of or near the river Lek" with the addition of "nieuw" ("new") to distinguish it from Old Lekkerland (now Lekkerkerk) across the river.

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