Biervliet is a town in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is a part of the municipality of Terneuzen, and lies about 16 km South of Vlissingen.

It is the hometown of William Buckels (or Beuckelszoon), a 14th-century fisherman credit for inventing the process of preparing soused herring known as gibbing.

Biervliet received city rights in 1183. It is originally a fishing village. The Dutch Reformed Church in Biervliet has a number of intact stained windows dating from 1660 to 1661.

Until 1970, Biervliet was a separate municipality.

In 2001, the town of Biervliet had 1292 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 0.52 km2, and contained 627 residences. The statistical area "Biervliet", which also can include the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 1580.

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